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Artist Statement / Bio / CV

Imagination reveals how the intelligence of Spirit works in the shadows, fills every corner, courts us closer to ourselves. My art is an invitation into the imaginal realms, to awaken to what is hidden and to explore what dances within the ordinary.


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Artist Statement

My artistic journey is deeply rooted in a fascination with the unseen—the ethereal realms, the intelligence of spirit and nature. This fascination manifests in an unwavering desire to bridge the tangible with the intangible, to delve into the 'hidden mechanics' that operate beyond our perceptual veil. My creative process is inextricably linked with the world of dreams, a realm from which I extract symbols and motifs, continually reworking them to observe their evolution and the deeper truths they unveil over time. I am driven by the conviction that imagination serves as a portal to esoteric knowledge, unlocking the intricate tapestry of our perception.

My artistic oeuvre is best described as imaginative realism, with a nod to the finesse and precision of classical realism. My paintings are a crucible where personal and universal symbols converge, articulated through a distinctive use of chiaroscuro and a rich palette that accentuates the interplay of light and color.


Taylor Ana Valdez, born in 1994, is a multifaceted artist and healer whose work is a profound meditation on transcendent realms. Her artistry is deeply influenced by her diverse upbringing, traversing the cultural landscapes of the Bahamas, Spain, and the American West. Valdez's academic journey took her through the study of Architecture at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, followed by Motion Picture Production at KD Conservatory in Dallas, Texas. Her artistic voyage led her to oil painting in Santa Fe in 2021, where she shadowed under William Acheff in his home studio, and subsequently mentored under Christopher Remmers, a painter renowned for his adeptness in mythological themes, form, and illusion.

In addition to her painting, Valdez is a facilitator for wilderness rites of passage, orchestrating guided, meditative journeys that foster healing and self-discovery. This role is pivotal to her artistic expression, sustaining initiatory experiences within a society often devoid of soul-centric rituals and ceremonies. Her commitment to these transformative rites and cultural integration profoundly shapes her artistic narrative.

Valdez's artistic journey has seen her participate in numerous group exhibitions across the United States. Her inaugural solo exhibition, "In The Palm of Her Hand," was in September 2023 at A Very Serious Gallery in Chicago. She anticipates her next solo exhibition in November 2024, where she will continue to explore and share her unique vision.


Taylor Ana Valdez
Born in 1994 in the United States of America

Currently resides and works in Whitefish, Montana, USA.


2023: Christopher Remmers Mentorship Program

2021: Shadowed under William Acheff, Taos, New Mexico, USA

2015-2016: Motion Picture Production, KD College, Dallas, Texas, USA

2012-2014: Architecture, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, USA

Solo Exhibitions

2023, 'In The Palm of Her Hand', A Very Serious Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Group Exhibitions

2023, 'Come Kiss', A Very Serious Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA

2023, 'Winter Dreams', A Very Serious Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA

2019, 'Smoke and Mirrors', The Mandarin Door, Dallas, Texas, USA


Taylor Ana Valdez is collected by various private collectors in the United States of America. 

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