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Over the last several months I've entered a portal of exploring the intricacies of story, psychic realms and how to apply it all to this series...

Each piece of this body of work will contain a story which will weave one grand narrative throughout the entire series. The tale is simple, it begins and ends with entering and exiting a portal. The many stories in between will demonstrate a world beyond the visible, a place where emotions and imagination flow into a stream and fly away as crows, where belief systems begin as coarse mechanical structures and transform into vines with blooming flowers reaching out towards the light, and where the chains that once inhibited freedom become the structures for wings to grow.

I recently went through a mentorship program with a highly intuitive and wonderfully deep human I met in Taos last November Together we dove into developing the psychic channels that exist in every being. I was given exercises that work these invisible muscles of intuition, learning how to work with them more efficiently and with more precision and clarity. I was interested how developing my intuition and psychic abilities could influence my art. I love the idea of embedding my work with intention and stories that can help with the maturing of human consciousness.

What I learned was that our intuition carries a depth that most people will die never embracing, or fully trusting. The intelligence and mystery of the intuition that is alive in every being is filled with information and wisdom beyond our comprehension. Our intuition provides a safe space for us to grow and stay on a path towards purpose. I learned that we can choose, in any moment, to consciously open up a dialogue with the unseen realms to ask for guidance and insight. And with prayer, precise intention and the willingness to truly listen, we are guided along the path that serves not only ourselves, but those around us towards the best possible outcome.

This series will attempt to express what happens when we enter a portal with prayer and intention pushing us forward and guiding our every move. An expression of how we can grow and evolve from our beliefs, patterns and limited perspective into an infinite, awareness-expanding world of discovery.

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