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Stories make the world go round

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

A little insight into my personal process these past few months…

My life has been consumed by a deep dive into finding my unique myth and refining how I am bringing my creations into the world. Exploring resonance with sound and vibration have been tools I use ritualistically to facilitate the visual process. The inquiry that has my full attention is how to visually convey the convergence of the visible world with the invisible, how to listen for the silent knowledge that permeates all, and how to translate it onto the canvas. Through experimentation with sound & voice I am discovering a new doorway, but before I can walk through, many things must find their way to the surface, a severance must take precedence. Outdated thoughts, emotions, imprinted memories that have been residing deep in my subconscious play out in my dreams, guiding me to what must be released, severed, so I can walk through the threashold. As I await my next set of instructions, I continue to paint, learn, grow, dream, & listen.

Along with painting, my work in the world also consists of multiple retreats and wilderness immersions throughout the year. This work keeps me on purpose, is a huge influence for my art and creative process, and helps me to remember where I am going. It also allows me to bring people into a world of deep healing, personal growth, plant wisdom, and soulful guidance. The last few years I have had the honor of co-guiding retreats and immersions with some incredible women in my life and learning from wonderful healers & mentors.. It’s a beautiful gift to be able to share these experiences with my community. Reach outdirectly or sign up for my newsletter to get updates on retreats and wilderness immersions.

During a Preiestess Training two years ago, I was co-facilitating alongside Monique Darling and Taina Ixchel in Cabo, Mexico. My role was to introduce the group of women to the wisdom of the water and to restructure our relationship to water. I did this by guiding them through a series of exercises in the water that were based on my trainings from a modality called Aguahara. These exercises helped to get fully out of the mind and into the body, to drop into a surrendered state. Many insights and realizations came in preparation for this training, here are a few of them: water taps us into the energetic blueprint of all life and beyond. We communicate directly with the earth by offering our waters back to her so she can better understand what our needs are. Most importantly, water is the carrier of our stories. The wisdom of water teaches us about the stories that run through our blood and our lineage, as well as the stories we consciously and unconsciously choose to be a part of.

This deepening into the potency of stories has become a huge influence for my work, on and off the canvas. It’s the reason I became a guide of wilderness rites of passage. Participating in rites of passage ceremonies brings clarity to our stories, develops our personal myths, and give context and direction for our evolutionary purpose. With this understanding, the powers of intention and prayer play a huge role in simple actions like taking a sip of water, how we can alter its story as it continues on its journey through the body. Cultivating awareness through intention and prayerful action allows us to consider the direction we are moving in so we can choose more wisely the world we have a direct responsibility in co-creating.

For now, this is a continuing inquiry that I will continue to bring into my work and support my own evolutionary purpose.

With love,


Taylor Ana Valdez artist painting lemons

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