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In The Palm of Her Hand 2023

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Solo Exhibition by Taylor Ana Valdez | September 15 - October 14, 2023

Taylor Ana Valdez artist in studio
TAV in studio

A Very Serious Gallery is proud to present In the Palm of Her Hand, a solo presentation of new paintings by artist Taylor Ana Valdez. Through anthropomorphic, dreamlike compositions of fruits, animals, and female figures against deep black backdrops, Valdez creates worlds that aim to expand our understanding of the laws of reality.

Mentored by Christopher Remmers, a painter known for his mastery of mythology, form, and illusion, this exhibition unveils a new body of work and a return to painting for Valdez. Drawing upon the histories of surrealism she pulls, pries, and reveals the unseen workings of our existence to illuminate the moments where the invisible becomes visible. Deeply influenced by an ongoing commitment to psycho-spiritual exploration, Valdez began this body of work by identifying 6 major spiritual archetypes - the Personal, Maternal, Paternal, Ancestral, Cultural, and Sibling - and translating these into symbols that appear throughout the series.

These include lemons, eyes, animals, creatures, and structural interventions to the female form, which are a part of what Valdez refer to as ‘Hidden Mechanics’ - that which exists in the beyond to guide and protect us from behind the veil.

Lemons, in particular, appear in many works in the exhibition. Significant in their mystery, Valdez utilizes them as a catalyst to explore meaning-making. What can we gain from the lemon? Adorned with eyes, held softly in hands, graced with butterflies, Valdez asks the viewer to use their imagination. What do we see and what do we know? She points to imagination as a gateway for forgotten knowledge, that in turn reveals the inner workings of our perception. Building upon this quest, Valdez is drawn to sound and vibration as a way to ritualize the painting space and experience. Each work hums with its own frequency.

Together, the works in the exhibition resonate in their preservation of this energy, and mystery, of their making.

See full collection here.

Photos from opening night September 15, 2023

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